Our Practice Areas 


Qualified and Registered Clinical Psychologists at Project Trauma provide one to one psychological therapy or neurorehabilitation. We  draw on ongoing experience of working in the fields of Major Trauma and Clinical Neuropsychology, at a local, and national level. We will always assess and discuss the most appropriate psychological therapy for your needs, and help you to make decisions about what support will best meet your needs. 

Most therapy is provided face to face but in some circumstances online and telephone support can be offered.


Project Trauma Psychologists are experienced in the field of neuropsychological assessment. We can provide tailored cognitive assessment to examine cognitive functioning following brain injury, or other neurological damage. 


Project Trauma Psychologists were heavily involved with the Manchester Arena bombing, and have since provided advice, support, training, and consultation,for individuals and organisations, about psychological practice in these circumstances. We are also involved in local, and national developments, in psychological practice in major incident response. 

Critical Incident Stress Management and Debriefing 

Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) is a short term intervention designed to support groups of people through traumatic events. CISM is a structured process which aims to allow those involved in shared trauma to process their experiences in the immediate period after an event. CISM is not psychological therapy and does not replace 1v1 therapy, but can be used to great effect in the hours, days and weeks following a shared traumatic incident. CISM has been utilised by emergency services, workplaces experiencing shared trauma, and families who share an experience. 


We have extensive experience in conducting specialist mental capacity assessment over a range of diverse issues. We have a specialist interest in providing mental capacity assessment in the field of neurological damage. We recognise that neurlogical damage complicates the assessment of capacity and this therefore necessitates specialist experience in Neuropsychology to ensure the most informed opinion possible. 


Our staff are experienced in helping multidisciplinary groups to develop and work with behaviour management plans and strategies for individuals who need more intensive support after trauma (including head injury). We can also provide bespoke consultation based on need, or group training for brain injury and challenging behaviour contexts.