About Project Trauma

Trauma For Individuals and Families

Project Trauma was established to provide personalised, compassionate psychological support for individuals and organisations following trauma. Trauma can affect anyone, and often happens unexpectedly. Everyone will have a different reaction to traumatic incidents, and a different tolerance for dealing with the effects of trauma.

The word 'trauma' is also commonly used within psychology to refer to emotionally distressing events. We aim to help individuals and families, whatever the nature of their needs and we are more than happy to work with other areas of psychological difficulty. 

As well as a broad range of common psychological difficulties Project Trauma has specialism in supporting  people following life changing injuries and physical trauma, (including head injuries and multiple injuries). Psychological stress is very common following the experience of physical trauma, and Project Trauma believes in helping individuals and families to understand, and adjust to their experiences.

Sometimes the term 'Post Traumatic Stress' will be used to describe psychological difficulties which do not resolve themselves in the months after trauma is experienced. Our job is to help people to tell the difference between normal, healthy psychological responses to trauma, and the warning signs that tell us someone may need more support. Not everyone will need psychological therapy after trauma, but everyone will need support of some kind. 

Our Social Commitment

Project Trauma was founded with a strong social conscience. We do not believe in charging higher fees than necessary, and we also make a commitment to provide a percentage of our time free of charge to public and charitable services who would benefit from training, education, and support, but would be unable to access it due to cost or resources. This means that for every hour we charge for, we will also be giving back to the public services we passionately believe in. 

Trauma Within Communities  

An additional aim of Project Trauma was to establish a service which could be responsive to the needs of people and services following a Major Incident*. Our knowledge and skills are based on working directly with the victims of major incidents in recent years, as well as providing guidance and consultation for staff and organisations, in managing psychological input following major incidents, and in major incident response planning.

* 'Major Incident' is a term used in public services, to describe a large scale incident which requires special arrangement and support, by one or more emergency services. In recent years this has included acts of terror on UK soil, serious transport crashes, and large scale disasters.